Business Climate

Business climate indicates how state, regional and local policies, relationships, and local communities support business development. A good business climate allows businesses to conduct their operations with minimal interference while accessing high-quality inputs and customers at low costs. No business climate is perfect for every kind of business. Specific attributes of a local economy allow investors and stakeholders to find fewer risks and higher returns when compared to other places. Business opinions or satisfaction surveys enable businesses to share their perceptions and suggestions about local government, specific public issues, and the various services provided to them by their governing body. These include the mayor, city council, city staff, and other elected & appointed officials.

About the City of Southlake Business Climate Survey

During the adoption process of the Southlake 2035: Economic Development Master Plan, the Community Enhancement and Development Corporation (CEDC) and the City Council adopted a policy goal to evaluate the Citys’ services and economic programs by conducting an annual business climate & satisfaction survey. In 2019, staff developed a survey program to improve services & programs for the local business community. It also assisted the City in obtaining a better understanding of local business trends and the business environment.

The business climate survey acquires the following information: current business data, a better understanding of the business environment, how to improve organizational processes, enhance programs targeted towards assisting businesses, and develop better communication between the City and the business community. The results and findings of the survey are then analyzed and presented in a report. Previous years’ survey reports are accessible below.

 2020 Business Climate Survey  2022 Business Climate Survey Results