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What do I need to start?

Starting a business involves many steps that can be daunting and overwhelming, but rest assured the City has resources to help you. There will be many factors to consider when opening a business and we pride ourselves in providing guidance for both entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners thinking about joining our community.

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How can I find a location that best suits me?

You can search various buildings and properties in Southlake by visiting our online property search tool that allows you to filter your search to find the exact site or space to suit your needs. The site also provides community demographics, labor information and business statistics. You can also list your commercial land or site for others to find as well..

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I want to construct my own building

In addition to finding the perfect site for your new business, you may also be considering starting your business with a new building. The City of Southlake has building codes, landscaping requirements and sign standards that are important to consider when building from the ground up. The Planning & Development Services Department can help you navigate through these to get your business built.

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How can I partner with the City?

The City of Southlake is committed to an ongoing improvement in the quality of life for its citizens through the attraction and retention of high-quality business. The investment of public funds is carefully considered by the Southlake City Council for alignment with our economic development goals.

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I need help finding / training employees

Finding the right employees can be a challenge that impacts how your business performs. The City of Southlake offers several resources to help you not only find the right people but get your people the right skills. Visit our Workforce and Training Assistance page to view all the resources available to you as a business.

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What resources does the City have?

The City of Southlake offers a variety of resources to help small businesses succeed. These programs are intended to support and encourage consumers to conduct business with you.

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How can I do business with the City?

The City of Southlake is responsible for securing the best quality products and services through the most cost-effective means in accordance with all City policies. The City provides several bid opportunities each year. See how you can do business with the City through our bidding process or by becoming a vendor.

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Planning &
Development Services

The Planning and Development Services Department team offers professional advice and technical expertise on development related topics such as planning and zoning, platting, land use, tree preservation, building permits, sign permits, building inspections and code enforcement. learn more