September 15, 2023

Best Brains Southlake is Here to Challenge and Support Your Student with Abacus and More!


This past month, and just in time for school, Dr. Alice Ward-Johnson opened her second Best Brains location in Southlake, the first being in Keller.

“We were serving so many students from Southlake at our first location, I wanted to make our services easier for the students and their parents to access closer to home” expressed Dr. Ward-Johnson when asked about the expansion.

Best Brains offers instruction in a small classroom-like setting of no more than 5 for students ages 3 to 14. The small class sizes allow for individualized learning for each student, providing extra support to students outside of their regular school classroom without the expense of private tutoring.

At Best Brains, the instructors are licensed teachers, many with graduate degrees, trained and certified in education. The Best Brains model is intended to assist students of all levels in their education journeys, not only tutoring on subjects covered in school that may require a bit more time and understanding, but also providing instruction beyond what is offered in school, to allow students to excel beyond what they might in a typical classroom setting.  In fact, most students enrolled at the Southlake center did so because they are looking for more of a challenge than school provides.

Best Brains is unique in that it offers instruction on abacus in their one-of-a-kind class! Students learn utilizing an actual abacus tool. According to Best Brains, “a graduate of our Abacus program can solve 3-digit by 3-digit division problems faster than a calculator”! Other courses at the Southlake location include math, English and coding.

Best Brains Southlake is currently enrolling and cannot wait to meet your student!

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