September 30, 2022

The Direct Primary Care Model a New Form of Healthcare


The days of finding a primary care doctor strictly through your insurance network may be on their way out! Instead, some physicians and patients in Southlake and beyond are turning to the Direct Primary Care model of health care.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) differs from traditional medical insurance-driven practices in that it does not involve medical insurance at all. DPC physicians charge a monthly membership fee directly to their patients in exchange for a place in their care and offer a variety of services to their patients through fee systems, without any third-party involvement from insurance. DPC physicians often operate micro practices consisting of themselves, and one or two support staff such as a nurse and/or administrative assistant.

For small business owners, Direct Primary Care can be an affordable alternative to medical benefits for their staff. Rather than paying to help supplement insurance premiums for their employees, business owners can cover all or a portion of their employees’ membership at a DPC practice. A membership to a DPC practice can also serve to supplement traditional medical insurance, providing patients with more comprehensive care overall with the added security of medical insurance.

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic, owner of Crescent Direct Primary Care in Southlake, recently shared her thoughts about the Direct Primary Care model in an interview:

Why did you decide to practice under the DPC model?Through the DPC model, I am able to devote the appropriate amount of time to my patients and avoid feeling rushed or pressured to prescribe them medications for a ‘quick fix’. Instead, I can take the time to build a relationship and give them the attention their current medical situation requires, whether that means weekly visits or constant communication.

How do referrals to specialists and other outside services work?Without traditional medical insurance, specialists or other outside services are paid for out of pocket. Often DPC physicians will build relationships with other practices/service providers in the community and identify a cash rate for services for patients referred to them from the DPC practice. For those with traditional medical insurance plans, we do make referrals like they would get with regular medicine.”

Crescent Direct Primary Care is located at 1202 S. White Chapel Boulevard. Also serving the Southlake community utilizing the Direct Primary Care model is Covington Family Health, located at 1330 N. White Chapel, Suite 100. Both practices opened in the past few months and are accepting patients.

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